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Rafael Aragón

Head of Writing

Author / Editor of the blog Psiqueviva. Psychologist and sexologist with the registration number: AO09281. Excited for transmitting knowledge about psychology, as well as promoting healthy habits through the health sciences in general. Article contributor on pages like E-science, The mind is wonderful and marketing4ecommerce.

Felice Rayces


Vocational editor. I have been glued to a monitor since a PC fell into my hands in 1997. Now I like to write about everything related to them. Everything I know I am learning and you can find it at www.tecnobits.com



Industrial Engineering student and lover of writing and technology, for several years I have participated in various pages with the aim of always keeping myself informed of the latest trends and contributing my grain of sand in this immense broadcast network that we know as the Internet.



Passionate about new technologies and the world of four wheels. Editor in Tecnología.net and future professor of road training, who shares his free time learning and spreading the latest news in the process of technological know-how.

Moises Lopez


Currently a student of Business Administration and Management, a career which she combines with the writing of articles on tecnologia.net. For a few years he has been dedicated to writing and web positioning. One of his hobbies is Digital Marketing.



3D animation student, passionate about technology and lover of literature, I found a way to unite two of my biggest hobbies, collaborating on different pages dedicated to the latest news on gadgets, mobile telephony and computing in order to share a point of different view on the latest technological trends.

Angel Pitarque


Expert in SEO / SEM and communication in social networks, owner of groups with more than 2,550,000 users. I am not interested in a project due to the economic factor, my ambition is to work on projects where I can exploit my I+D skill